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A healthy team is a happy team and a happy team is more productive. Work related stress and anxiety leads to unnecessary tension in the workplace with individuals often underperforming due to a lack of self care and mindfulness.   

Your people are your business. Invest in your employees' wellness to prevent burnout and reap the rewards of a more focussed, collaborative and positive workforce.

I currently offer yoga classes at corporate businesses across London

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Practice yoga in the comfort of your home, studio or office. Personalised yoga sessions are a great way for you to work on your specific goals and build up your practice.

Group yoga sessions are a great mood booster for everyone involved and are designed to make you feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. I currently offer one to one yoga sessions as well as group yoga sessions. If you're looking to improve your mindfulness and wellbeing through the Ancient Vedic practice of Yoga, get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements

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Private Yoga Classes
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It's never too early to practice mindfulness and movement. Kids Yoga is a wonderful way to increase your child's concentration, confidence and creativity in a happy easygoing environment.

I currently offer Kids Yoga Classes to children from the age of 2 -12. If you are a nursery or primary school looking to add Yoga to your curriculum please get in touch. Classes can be held at your premises or online.   

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Kids Yoga Classes

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